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Electronics and Gadgets blog

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Un blog de présentation des expériences amusantes réalisées par les membres du club Sciences du collège Notre-Dame de la Tramontane.

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Avatar PSP Pro Wireless Controller centermart 01/06/2012

Brand new and original P1000/P2000/P3000 PSP Pro Wireless Controller
DOSO PSW-303 brings you a wireless experience on TV for your PSP handheld
You can get the system driver ready from the CD disc attached or from website downloading
Besides the precise control functions to original PSP, it also features in respects such as USB connector receiver, Auto code- checking, Consecutive firing function, Sleeping(Power saving) and Awakening mode, L & R buttons and 3D joystick on the right-hand side of the handle
Compatible with:  PSP
Please note only cracked PSP console can use this controller

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